For a driving license in the queue machine

For a driving license in the queue machine
4 June 2014

From today, in the Department of Communication and Roads of the District Office in Oleśnica there is a system regulating the queue - a queue machine.

A ticket dispensing machine has been installed in the Starosty at the Department of Communications and Roads. There are two options: Vehicle Registration and Driving License. By choosing Vehicle Registration, you can settle all matters related to vehicles, i.e. car registration, sale notifications, annotations in registration documents, such as. e.g. hook, gas, etc.

Everything that concerns drivers, both beginners and experienced drivers, such as creating a candidate driver profile or collecting a driving license, will be available in the Driving license option. If the customer wants to deal with several matters at the same time, e.g. to report the sale and register the car, then he will have to download two numbers.

Although the system prefers a personal visit to the Starosty and collecting a ticket, online registration is also possible. Thanks to this facility, the client has the opportunity to plan his visit in advance and arrive at the agreed time.

Registration via the Internet can be made by visiting the official website of the Oleśnica district: www.powiat-oleś In the Communication Bookings tab on the right, login data are available.