Dispensers - structure and operation

Disinfection machines have built-in LCD monitors that can display advertising or information content. Content management is possible thanks to a specially adapted application that is able to handle multiple monitors at once.

Sanitizing kiosks are widely used in public places. Thanks to the appropriate dimensions and elegant appearance, they fit perfectly into any interior. The right size of the tank is adapted to the large flow of people. The 21.5 '' monitor ensures good visibility of the displayed content, depending on the demand, it can be advertising materials or other information or warning materials. Various color options for our disinfection dispensers are available.

Dispensers - structure and operation

Use of hand sanitizing kiosks:

Receptions and offices
Public places - e.g. in educational institutions
Large shopping malls, e.g. in restaurants, at the entrances to shops
Fast-Food Gastronomy - at the gas stations, airports

Our sanitizing kiosks with monitors are made of high quality steel, designed and manufactured in Poland, which is a great advantage for most customers.

Disinfection kiosks - offer

Two models of collaboration:

Model 1

The first model assumes short and long-term rental of the dispenser.

We offer the possibility for renting a hand sanitizing kiosk in the SaaS model. As part of the rental fee, we provide the entire service, from the delivery and installation of the device, to its servicing and, in the case of short-term rental - to refilling the liquid. In addition, the customer gains the ability to display his clients' advertisements on the device and charge them for it. Thus, disinfection kiosks „pay” for itselves.

Model 1

Model 2

The second model of cooperation is the purchase of a dispenser.

The equipment becomes the property of the customer. We provide 12 months of warranty and an offer for post-warranty service.

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