Queue management system in medical facilities and customer satisfaction

6 April 2021
Long waiting times for patients are hardly news these days, and waiting in lines can ruin even the best-planned day. Queue management systems are a remedy for this problem – they can reduce waiting times, make the process more streamlined, all while reducing the number of possible pain points for patients waiting for their visit in clinics. What makes Dasoft’s solution stand out? How do Qmedia and Feedback work?

Shopping mall/office building parking system – 10 key facts

10 March 2021
Parking is an art – and we mean this both literally and figuratively. That is what makes it worth your while to leave it to professionals. In the age of suburbanisation and ubiquitous Park&Go systems, commuters are increasingly choosing public transit, and this is what makes the art of parking take on a whole new aspect. In order to reduce congestion in the streets and squares in city centres, the cities started implementing the so-called parking systems, which encompass outdoor, indoor, underground and multi- storey car parks in large office, retail and service buildings. Discover the top 10 facts about modern parking solutions and learn more about Dasoft service that responds to the needs of property managers – and more.

Anticovid queuing system works effectively in government offices

1 March 2021
The epidemiological situation in Poland had a significant impact on the operation of public institutions. The basic problem that local governments also faced was to reduce the volume of customer traffic in individual office locations. Dasoft came out against this situation and introduced several additional solutions in this area.

Disinfection during the pandemic – modern disinfection dispensers

12 January 2021
The current situation in Poland and in the world has affected many industries. Some of them had to partially limit their operations, others had to find themselves in a completely new reality. The epidemiological threat has forced the use of completely new solutions to ensure maximum safety for customers and employees.

Infokiosks - how they work and where they can be found?

15 December 2020
Infokiosks are modern devices that allow users to obtain information – mainly about the place where they are. They have become an interesting alternative to printed leaflets or information folders, but also to portable devices which, due to the small screen size, have limitations regarding the content presented.

Queue management systems in the age of a pandemic

12 November 2020
The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has put us all in a completely new situation. Many traders had to severely limit or completely suspend their activities. Those industries that could not be closed had to adapt to very strict restrictions. Searching for solutions that would ensure safe use of public space has become a challenge on a massive scale. Thanks to new technologies, adherence to the principles of social distancing is not only easier, but also more effective.   

Dasoft's innovations are helping to combat the spread of COVID-19

4 November 2020
We were one of the first companies in Poland to implement the possibility of booking a seat in the queue and a virtual ticket via smartphone, which turned out to be crucial during the pandemic and in the light of very strict restrictions on the number of people in closed rooms - says Michał Suski, Development Director at Dasoft.

3 sectors that need queue machines

15 May 2020
The queue management system, also known as the customer motion management system or the numbering system, is a modern solution that can improve the operation of many industries. The main advantage of queuing machines is the reduction of waiting time, which significantly improves the comfort of customers. Improving the quality of service is a big plus for a company that gains in the eyes of customers and becomes more competitive. These are the three main industries that have a chance to become more innovative and user-friendly thanks to queuing machines.

Payment terminals - an essential tool for every entrepreneur

22 January 2019
The ability to make payments without using cash is nowadays standard. This is what customers expect from companies. We want to pay by card wherever possible - in a shop, in a restaurant, in a hairdressing salon. This type of transaction is so popular that some people have completely given up having cash. Unfortunately, there are still many companies in our country where you will not pay with your card. What are you doing then? You change restaurant, hairdresser or shop for one where you can pay with your card. Many traders still do not realize how much they lose by depriving their clients of the possibility of making cashless payments. It is simply the easiest way to lose a customer.

Queue management system - saving time and money

23 November 2018
Efficient customer service is nowadays a much desired value on the market. We do not have time, we are constantly in a hurry, we want to settle all matters efficiently, without undue delay. Queues, mess and long waiting times create frustration and often make us give up the services of a given company to another, where the service of applicants is more efficient. No wonder that more and more companies are opting for solutions such as queue management systems . Read the article and see for yourself that the queue machine is also a perfect solution for your business.

Modern queue management systems - help to sell and create an image

30 December 2015
Queue management systems are not only devices for "issuing numbers", but most of all a collection of various elements that translate into the general impression of a customer when contacting a company, brand or institution. Modern queue machines allow you to manage not only the flow, but also customer service. Let's see how it looks in practice.

Queue machines are changing the face of public institutions

30 December 2015
Public institutions are often regarded as places where the time of the citizen is not respected, does not take into account their needs and does not help in solving problems with which they report. It does not have to be this way! A small change can significantly increase his satisfaction. The best proof of this are offices that decided to implement queue management systems.