Do you want to improve the performance of your employees? Invest in a queue machine!

2 December 2014
In highly developed countries, the basic cost increasing the price of goods and services is the cost of labor. That is why it is so important that the efficiency and effectiveness of employees is as high as possible. This also applies to service points, where it is very difficult to control it and introduce measures to optimize it.

Health service open to the needs of patients

26 November 2014
The health service is currently facing many challenges. One of them is improvement of queue management and waiting area as well as facilitating patient movement between offices and departments. Most of the Polish clinics and hospitals still have an archaic system of self-monitoring of the queue. It often tells patients to spend hours in front of the office door before being able to seek medical attention. Skipping the queue for even a few minutes often results in losing your seat. No wonder that patients are becoming more and more frustrated, and they associate a visit to a medical facility primarily with a huge waste of time. It does not have to be this way!

For a driving license in the queue machine

4 June 2014
From today, in the Department of Communication and Roads of the District Office in Oleśnica there is a system regulating the queue - a queue machine. A ticket dispensing machine has been installed in the Starosty at the Department of Communications and Roads. There are two options: Vehicle Registration and Driving License. By choosing Vehicle Registration, you can settle all matters related to vehicles, i.e. car registration, sale notifications, annotations in registration documents, such as. e.g. hook, gas, etc.

What to look for when choosing a queue management system provider

4 May 2014
The popularity of queue management systems means that more and more companies offering their design and installation appear on the market. Some are even able to provide this service for a very attractive price. However, are they also trustworthy? What is worth paying attention to when choosing a provider of this type of solutions?

Operation steps of the queue management system

30 April 2014
Queue management systems are sets of devices that allow you to improve both the efficiency of employees and the comfort of applicants' expectations to settle the matters with which they come. The way they work is based on seven steps that occur in every conceivable system, no matter how advanced the system is.

Payment terminal and card payments

19 March 2014
More and more customers pay for purchases and services online and by card. The card has become a synonym of a non-cash transaction that pays off, e.g. when optimizing expenses. However, to be possible, the store must have a payment terminal.

Payment Terminal, which is a quick way to pay the bills

12 February 2014
An ATM or credit card is a commonly used means of payment. This is an alternative to cash payments. You can use it at the checkout for purchases and services. To do this, the store must have a payment terminal.

The queue locker helps the unemployed

12 February 2014
The queue machine is a universal device, used in institutions where the number of customers is greater than employees. It is also installed in offices, such as Poviat Labor Offices. The Poviat Labor Office in Gliwice has its own queue machine.

Advantages of having payment terminals

9 January 2014
Since electronic banking appeared in Poland for good, there has been a significant drop in cash transactions. This is primarily related to the convenience that these modern solutions bring with them. Today, instead of filling in complicated forms and waiting in line at the post office, you can prepare and send a transfer to any bank in the world in just a few minutes. And the money, instead of wandering even a few weeks, will be at its destination, if not immediately, then within a dozen or so hours.

Can queue management systems be adapted to all requirements?

9 January 2014
From the moment they are introduced to the market, queue management systems are perfect for any place where employees of a company or institution meet face to face with applicants. They not only allow you to organise the order of visitors, but also provide much greater comfort of waiting for your turn.

Where are queue management systems best?

22 November 2013
Queue management systems spread to numerous companies and institutions. In many places where there is direct interaction with the client, even the simplest devices are installed sooner or later. Because even standard systems can significantly improve the work of many service points. However, is it worth installing them in every possible place? Do they work just as well everywhere?

What elements does the queue management system consist of?

22 November 2013
The most important part of the queue management system is the equipment as seen from the customer's perspective. This group includes ticket dispensers as well as special displays. Dispensers are available in many different variants, from simple devices that only allow you to print a ticket, because more complicated devices are equipped with touch screens, magnetic card readers and even fingerprint readers. In order to be able to adjust them even better to the needs of a specific company, the dispensers software allows you to adjust the graphic style appearing on their screens.