3 sectors that need queue machines

3 sectors that need queue machines
15 May 2020

The queue management system, also known as the customer motion management system or the numbering system, is a modern solution that can improve the operation of many industries. The main advantage of queuing machines is the reduction of waiting time, which significantly improves the comfort of customers. Improving the quality of service is a big plus for a company that gains in the eyes of customers and becomes more competitive. These are the three main industries that have a chance to become more innovative and user-friendly thanks to queuing machines.

Queue machines in the medical industry

When we think about the onerous queues, one of the first places that comes to our mind is a hospital or clinic. Despite the fact that medical facilities make every effort to ensure that the quality of patient service is the best - it is not easy to meet these challenges. First of all, due to the large number of people who are impatiently waiting to see a doctor, but also due to the difficult financial situation of the medical sector, which does not always allow it to fully benefit from new technologies.

However, queue management systems in medical facilities are essential. They not only significantly improve the comfort of people waiting for an appointment, but also improve the work of registration. Patients who have a number assigned to them and do not have to argue or nervously watch their queue are calmer. Therefore, they will be more willing to choose an institution where they feel comfortable. Improving work will also increase the operational efficiency of the medical facility, which will translate into its financial situation.

The queue management systems are already used by many private and state clinics, hospitals and doctor's offices all over Poland. Their number is constantly growing, and soon the queue machine in the hospital or clinic will be a standard.

Our company has had the pleasure of working for many medical facilities across the country, including for: Provincial Children's Hospital in Olsztyn, Center for Diagnostics and Oncological Therapy in Katowice and Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska.

Queue machines in the financial industry

Although mobile payments and online banking systems are becoming more and more popular, many people still use direct visits to banks or other financial institutions. To improve customer service, shorten the waiting time in the queue, and at the same time make it more pleasant, it is worth choosing a queue management system. Similarly to medical facilities, it will ensure efficient and transparent customer service. It will create friendly working conditions for employees, which will improve efficiency and work atmosphere. It will also be appreciated by customers who will be more willing to visit the bank, which will be an opportunity to establish direct, close relationships.

Queue management systems in the public sector

Many people get goosebumps at the thought of visiting an office. This is due to the fact that in many public institutions the quality of customer service leaves much to be desired. A large number of people and a variety of cases, as well as the need to comply with top-down procedures and official requirements make queuing machines in the public sector very necessary. It is all the more pleasing that public administration is more and more open to using modern technological solutions. Queue kiosks can be found in many institutions (e.g. offices, courts) at various levels, ranging from local authorities, through district, to central ones. The variety of administrative entities is large, each of them has its own specificity. Fortunately, queue management systems are very flexible, so adapting their capabilities to the requirements of a given facility will not be a problem.

In the public sector, as well as in the medical and financial industries, not only applicants but also staff benefit from the introduction of queue machines. They streamline the entire service process, making work more enjoyable and less stressful.

Our existing public sector clients include; The Municipal Employment Office in Lublin, the City Hall in Katowice and Płock, and the County Employment Office in Gliwice.

Who else needs queue machines

Our experience shows that queue management systems are also great for large network companies. Improving the work of individual branches in different locations would not be possible without an appropriate system that improves customer service. So far, Dasoft's queue management systems are used by such corporations as: UPC, PGNiG, PzU, or Poczta Polska.

In addition, queue management systems are increasingly used at airports, universities (state and private), in travel agencies and railway stations. So far, Dasoft has implemented queue management systems in over 1000 locations, and we are very pleased that other industries want to use our solutions.

If you want to join the group of satisfied customers, please contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions.