Anticovid queuing system works effectively in government offices

Anticovid queuing system works effectively in government offices
1 March 2021

The epidemiological situation in Poland had a significant impact on the operation of public institutions. The basic problem that local governments also faced was to reduce the volume of customer traffic in individual office locations. Dasoft came out against this situation and introduced several additional solutions in this area.

Queuing systems help local government officials in their daily work, as the irritation of customers associated with having to wait a long time for service is something everyone would prefer to avoid. Dasoft company is a leader in the market of queuing systems which it has been implementing in Poland for over 15 years and among its customers one can find T-mobile, Enea, Tauron, Poczta Polska, Masovian Voivodeship Office, the City of Warsaw and hundreds of government offices and hospitals.

– We performed first implementations of queuing systems in government offices in 2007-2009 and since then we have been in regular contact with the majority of these institutions, offering upgrades to formerly implemented solutions, addition of new stations or new functionalities – says Małgorzata Goszczyńska, Managing Director of Dasoft.

At this point it is worth noting that a queueing system also gives great opportunities to managers of individual units. It greatly facilitates work organisation, human resources management and provides valuable information through a built-in reporting and statistical module, which allows for example to analyse the effectiveness of the work of individual clerks and to plan relevant resources for the peak hours of customer traffic.

Queuing system for the time of pandemic

To tackle the new and difficult situation, Dasoft introduced in its offer a few additional solutions, including a system counting the number of people in the rooms and informing about the possibility of entering inside on a big collective monitor.

– We expanded the queuing system, our flagship product, with motion detection and voice recognition to eliminate the need for the customers to use touch screens, in order to minimize the risk of virus transmission – explains Małgorzata Goszczyńska.

The Anticovid queueing system in question provides 3 basic functionalities. It allows to book an appointment in an office without the need to come to the facility, via an online visit booking module. The customer books a convenient time of his/her visit on the office's website and receives a confirmation by e-mail and/or by phone so that he/she does not have to collect a ticket from the ticket machine upon arrival at the office. Another functionality is monitoring the temperature of people arriving at the office. The place where the ticket is collected is constantly monitored. When a person approaching the ticket machine has an elevated temperature a message is displayed on the monitor and/or a sound is emitted. The third functionality is a built-in voice system with motion detection. The system detects movement when the customer approaches the dispenser. The menu with available service categories is presented by voice, the customer says the chosen option, the screen displays the ticket or, optionally, prints it, so there is no need to touch the dispenser screen. Apart from the said functionalities, the Anticovid queueing system has all other options available in the standard version of the system.

A solution for every local government

Regardless of the size of the office, progressive digitalization and technological development mean that all places associated with customer service are moving towards digitalization and modernization of service tools and the image of the institution.

Implementation of innovative technologies is aimed not only at enhancing the organisation of operations, but also at improving the quality of work and the resulting satisfaction of employees. As a representative of Dasoft explains, the cost of implementation of a queuing system varies from PLN 10,000 net for small commune offices to several dozen thousand PLN for the biggest voivodeship offices and starosties. The price depends on the number and type of elements and devices installed.

– We are currently working intensively on several innovative solutions that will certainly also find use in local governments. I cannot disclose details at this stage, but it will be something completely new, not yet available on the Polish market. Certainly, as soon as the work is completed, you will hear about these solutions in the media – explains the Managing Director of Dasoft.