Disinfection during the pandemic – modern disinfection dispensers

Disinfection during the pandemic – modern disinfection dispensers
12 January 2021

The current situation in Poland and in the world has affected many industries. Some of them had to partially limit their operations, others had to find themselves in a completely new reality. The epidemiological threat has forced the use of completely new solutions to ensure maximum safety for customers and employees. 

Hand disinfection – crucial in the fight against the spread of viruses

Coronavirus, like most other viruses and bacteria, is transmitted by droplets. When you sneeze, cough, snot, or otherwise come into contact with bodily fluids, you can easily transfer germs to various surfaces. Once on the hands, they can spread over a large area very quickly and with virtually no control. This is why proper hygiene and the use of adequate preventative measures are so important.  Hand sanitising with liquids is very simple and does not require water. This is why a disinfectant dispenser can be placed almost anywhere. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that professional disinfectants are available. In many workplaces you will already find a bottle with a dispenser and disinfectant liquid at the entrance. They have become an inseparable element of equipment in shops, offices, beauty or hairdressing salons.

Their purpose is to remove dangerous viruses and bacteria from your hands and prevent them from spreading. For disinfection to be effective, it is important to use a suitable disinfectant and a dispenser. The choice of devices is very large, and more and more facilities choose modern disinfectant dispensers, which in addition to removing harmful viruses and bacteria perform a number of other functions.

Which liquid dispenser to choose?

There are some important points worth noting. First, the material the dispenser is made of. Dispensers are located in areas with high volume of traffic, used by hundreds or even thousands of people every day. So they need to be durable and easy to clean. Secondly, non- contact operation is key to maintaining safety and hygiene. This means that no one has to touch the dispenser to take the liquid, which is dispensed automatically thanks to a special sensor. This allows the dispenser to maintain a high level of hygiene, but also convenience. Normally you would need to use both hands – one to press the dispenser, the other to take the liquid. Thanks to automatic dosing, the disinfectant liquid can be conveniently dispensed with just one hand.

Our dispensers are made of stainless steel, powder coated. This makes them highly resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, ensuring high durability over a long period of use. Our dispensers are available in black. The geometric, modern shape makes them stand out with their attractive design and they will be an interesting piece of equipment even in very elegant interiors.

Modern kiosks (not only) for disinfection

A very interesting solution are devices which, apart from hand disinfection, provide a number of other functions. These are multimedia kiosks with a disinfectant dispenser, equipped with an LCD screen. It can be used to display various advertising or informational content. Thanks to a special application, it is possible to operate several monitors at once and remotely manage the displayed content.

Such multifunctional devices are perfect for shopping malls, large-format stores, railway stations, airports, universities or clinics. They not only support the effective fight against the coronavirus pandemic, but also provide users of the facility with important information or interesting content.

If you are interested in placing such a kiosk in your facility, feel free to visit the page about our disinfectant dispensers or contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and advise you on a solution tailored to your individual requirements.