Infokiosks - how they work and where they can be found?

Infokiosks - how they work and where they can be found?
15 December 2020

Infokiosks - what you should know about them

Infokiosks are modern devices that allow users to obtain information – mainly about the place where they are. They have become an interesting alternative to printed leaflets or information folders, but also to portable devices which, due to the small screen size, have limitations regarding the content presented.

Interactive kiosks offer much wider possibilities in this area. They are equipped with a touchscreen monitor placed on a special platform. The attractive design allows not only comfortable use of the device, but also an aesthetic and prestigious appearance, which will work even in very elegant places. In addition, kiosks are very durable and resistant to various types of mechanical damage.

Where infokiosks can be used

Currently, such multimedia guides are becoming more and more popular. More and more companies from various industries decide to use them in communication with their clients and contractors. There are practically no restrictions on their location, as well as the possibilities of their use. Although they can stand outside, they are most often found in buildings such as stations, airports, galleries, hospitals and offices. Cultural institutions such as cinemas, museums and theaters are also eager to use the possibilities offered by info kiosks.

Unlimited possibilities and functions

The great advantage of modern multimedia guides is their wide functionality. Equipped with a printer, they allow you to print a ticket, photo, tourist information or other document. In offices, kiosks equipped with terminals allow you to make payments. Situated in the city center, they often allow you to buy public transport tickets. Equipped with loudspeakers, it is also possible to obtain information in the voice form, which is invaluable for the blind or visually impaired. In turn, foreign tourists can take advantage of the option of a guide in the selected language and multimedia presentations of the most interesting monuments and places worth seeing. In public buildings, info kiosks can play a role in ordering the waiting visitors.

Kiosks located in shopping malls are also widely used. Equipped with a map, they will help the customer find a specific store, they are also an ideal place to inform him about current promotional campaigns in an interesting and original way.

Their application can be really wide. It is crucial that the kiosk is designed to meet the individual expectations of the customer. Not only are the functions and possibilities used, but also the materials and the appearance of the device itself. 

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