Payment terminals - an essential tool for every entrepreneur

Payment terminals - an essential tool for every entrepreneur
22 January 2019

The ability to make payments without using cash is nowadays standard. This is what customers expect from companies. We want to pay by card wherever possible - in a shop, in a restaurant, in a hairdressing salon. This type of transaction is so popular that some people have completely given up having cash. Unfortunately, there are still many companies in our country where you will not pay with your card. What are you doing then? You change restaurant, hairdresser or shop for one where you can pay with your card. Many traders still do not realize how much they lose by depriving their clients of the possibility of making cashless payments. It is simply the easiest way to lose a customer.

How to prevent this from happening? Invest in a payment terminal.

Cashless transactions in Poland

Do you know that in 2018 as much as 86% of all transactions were cashless payments? The data comes from a report prepared by the National Bank of Poland. According to it, at the end of the first quarter of last year, almost 40 million payment cards were registered in our country.

If these data did not convince you that you should have a payment terminal, read on. Also in 2018, the results of another, equally interesting study on non-cash payments appeared. This time the study was conducted by Mastercard. What were the conclusions? The "Entrepreneur in a cashless world" study showed that:

- almost half of traders (49%) noticed that the number of non-cash transactions on the part of customers increased significantly in the last year

- as many as 37% of traders admitted that the reason why they installed payment terminals in their company was the desire to be perceived as a modern company, moving with the times

- over 30% of traders decide to introduce a payment terminal from the very beginning of their business.

  These data clearly show that Polish traders understand that card payments are now the absolute standard that customers expect. If you are in the group of people who still do not have a payment terminal, this data should motivate you enough to enter it.

Payment terminals - customer expectations

The growing popularity of cashless transactions results from the growing expectations of consumers. Fewer and fewer people stick to their current habits and carry cash. More and more people focus on convenience and instead of using cash, they want to make payments by card. It is a much more convenient form, from the customer's point of view - but not only.

Payment terminals - advantages for the trader

It is also a great convenience and profit for traders! Where there is a possibility of card payments, traders noticed a significant increase in transactions and new customers, which translated directly into the company's revenues.

For companies, payment terminals are also a big savings, and it is not only about savings. Although you have to admit cashless turnover is much easier - there is no need to count cash, transport and secure money. So we also have tangible operational savings here. The transactions take place faster, so at the same time the trader can serve more customers.

No wonder that payment terminals are becoming more and more popular among traders. Not only are they more and more willing to introduce cashless transactions in their business, but also deviate from the minimum amount from which the customer can pay with the card. Until recently, in some places it was popular to introduce minimum amounts from which it was possible to pay by card. Most often it was PLN 20-50. Currently, there are fewer and fewer such places, and the number of places where you can pay with your card, regardless of how much your shopping costs.

Payment terminals - costs are not a problem

Costs are one of the most common reasons why traders choose not to pay with a card in their company. Fortunately, this is no longer a major problem. First, the costs of purchasing and using payment terminals have fallen sharply over the past few years. Secondly, the Cashless Poland program was created, which allows companies to obtain funding for the purchase and use of payment terminals. For the first 12 months from the introduction of the terminal, the entrepreneur may benefit from preferential conditions for the use of devices. The program really works and the numbers are the best proof of that. So far, thanks to the activities of the Polska Bezgotówkowa Foundation, we managed to buy as many as 80,000. payment terminals! It is really impressive and shows an increase of over 20% compared to the previous year.

You don't have a terminal? Close the business

Perhaps this slogan sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact it is not. All signs in the sky and on the ground show that both customers and traders who are becoming more and more aware of the situation choose cashless transactions. Those companies that are still defending themselves against the introduction of non-cash transactions with their hands and feet will lose a lot.

The modern consumer is very demanding, and these requirements are systematically growing. Traders who do not keep up with them will lose a lot. And as you know, it is not difficult to lose a client, but to regain it - it's not an easy thing. Therefore, if you do not have a payment terminal in your business yet - it's high time to change it. Contact us, we will advise you and help you choose the right equipment. Don't wait any longer for your competitors to sweep away your customers. Meet them and meet the expectations of your customers by giving them the option to pay by card.