Queue management system - saving time and money

Queue management system - saving time and money
23 November 2018

Efficient customer service is nowadays a much desired value on the market. We do not have time, we are constantly in a hurry, we want to settle all matters efficiently, without undue delay. Queues, mess and long waiting times create frustration and often make us give up the services of a given company to another, where the service of applicants is more efficient. No wonder that more and more companies are opting for solutions such as queue management systems . Read the article and see for yourself that the queue machine is also a perfect solution for your business.

What is a queue machine?
Simply put, a queue machine is a device that improves the operation of the company. Registers customers by assigning numbers to them. In this way, it enables efficient motion management. Using metaphors, it can be said that a queue machine is a host that welcomes every customer who comes to the company. But his task is much broader - he is also a guide, helping the petitioner to move around the facility efficiently.

Queue machine - how it works

Operation of the queue machines is very simple. The queue machine assigns a number to people, registers them and arranges them in a specific order. Thanks to this, each of the applicants knows exactly when it will be served. Although there are different types of queue machines available on the market, their operation is very similar. The differences may only result from the specificity of the place where the queue machine is used. In medical facilities, for example, in order to receive a number, it is necessary to provide your PESEL number or other data on the basis of which the system will verify whether a given person has medical insurance.

Where will the queue machine work?

Queue machines can be used wherever efficient customer service is needed. They work very well in facilities where several services are provided at the same time and where there are many positions, which may make it difficult to efficiently service applicants. Specifically? Queue machinecan be found in clinics, hospitals, collection points and other medical facilities. This is where the queues are usually the largest - which probably each of us had a chance to find out more than once.

Queue machines are also successfully used in banks, offices and state administration facilities.

Why is it worth using queue machines?

KThere are many benefits resulting from the use of queue machines. First of all, customers benefit from it. Thanks to the queue machines, waiting in line is no longer a chore. Clear and transparent rules and a number assigned to each of them give a sense of organization and peace.

Instead of nervously watching over his place, the queuer knows how many people are waiting in front of him and can estimate how much he will be able to serve. Thanks to this, he can use this time, for example, to use the toilet, make a phone call or read the newspaper calmly. Knowing that the system will inform him when it's his turn gives a great sense of peace.

Each of us has probably been in a situation where another person tried to be served without a queue. Such situations create unnecessary, nervous situations. Thanks to the queue machines, we do not have to worry that someone else will try to take our place and we can wait for our turn in peace.

Queue machines are also a great solution for company employees. These modern devices allow you to significantly improve their work. Reception staff, clinics, banks and offices can count on a transparent customer service system. Improving the flow of customers means that a given person can be served by even more people, and thus its efficiency increases.

The queue machine improves the company's image. Efficient customer service and openness to new technologies make the company better perceived by customers.

The best producer of queuing machines

Dasoft is a leader in implementing modern solutions. Queue management systems are our specialty. Over a dozen years of experience has allowed us to develop a specialization in three main branches. Queue management systems are one of them.

We are the only distributor of Akis Technologies devices and solutions in Poland. The company has extensive experience in implementing qmatic systems in countries around the world, including large banks, offices and corporations.

Dasoft queue management systems is primarily the sale of dedicated devices and software necessary to implement a queue management system in your company. We offer tests and full implementation, as well as comprehensive maintenance services. We have 35 service offices all over Poland.

We carry out orders from all over the country. So far, we have implemented queue management systems , including in the District Starosty in Gliwice, in the City Hall in Płock, in the Center for Diagnostics and Oncological Therapy in Katowice or in the office of the Warsaw-Wola district.

We also have a lot of experience in implementations for large clients. We have realized, among others queue management system at 120 T-Mobile branches or 35 Polish Post offices.

If you are interested in what our clients think about our implementations, see the Experience and implementations tab on our website. Please contact our consultant.

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