Queue management systems in the age of a pandemic

Queue management systems in the age of a pandemic
12 November 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has put us all in a completely new situation. Many traders had to severely limit or completely suspend their activities. Those industries that could not be closed had to adapt to very strict restrictions.

Searching for solutions that would ensure safe use of public space has become a challenge on a massive scale. Thanks to new technologies, adherence to the principles of social distancing is not only easier, but also more effective.

Queue machine- efficient motion management more important than ever

Customer motion management systems are now essential. They allow you to organise motion and avoid chaos resulting from the lack of clearly defined rules. Organizing customer motion is now an absolute necessity in places such as grocery stores, both large and smaller. Healthcare facilities, which are as usual heavily besieged in the fall and winter season, are now under additional strain due to the pandemic. Standing in long lines to see a doctor increases the risk of infection, and public administrations also need to reorganise their work. Although most matters are dealt with online, offices must operate and be available, for example, to older people who are unfamiliar with the Internet. It is a big challenge to ensure safety and efficient service in all these places.

How Dasoft supports the fight against COVID-19

The results of research by epidemiologists, published in the Virology Journal, confirmed that the SARS-Cov-2 virus (which is responsible for the COVID-19 disease) can survive up to 28 days on materials such as glass, stainless steel and polymer. Each of us uses our smartphone or computer every day, which may contribute to the spread of the virus. It is also a significant threat to places such as post offices, airports, clinics and all those places where touchscreen queues have been used so far. To increase safety, it was necessary to use more innovative solutions.

Queue management system anticovid

As one of the first companies in Poland, we have implemented the option of booking a place via a smartphone. The virtual ticket generated by the antycovid queue system allows you to enter the building exactly when an appointment or visit is scheduled. This allows you to minimize the amount of contact with other people and avoid contact with the touch screen.

Dasoft is also the only company in Poland that has a ticket dispenser, equipped with a certified virucidal foil. It protects not only against the coronavirus, but also against other bacteria or viruses that are dangerous to our health.

Customer flow monitoring

In the current situation, it is extremely important to control the number of customers in the store. This was often handled by a security guard. However, this is an additional cost for the company, and errors in counting may occur, especially in heavy motion.

Cameras with image analysis software and a monitor are definitely a better and cheaper solution. The system automatically counts how many customers are in the store. The information is displayed on the monitor, thanks to which customers know whether they can enter the store or have to wait.

Disinfection of kiosks

The so-called clean drops are automatic, free-standing disinfection devices with the Digital Singage function. They combine several elements that allow for an effective fight against a pandemic. They enable contactless application of liquid or gel for hand disinfection. The 4-5 liter tank guarantees 10,000 to 25,000 applications without the need for refilling. Kiosks have a built-in LCD screen on which advertising and multimedia content can be displayed.

The kiosk also allows the disinfection of the entire body and personal devices with the use of UV light, as well as laser measurement of body temperature. This multifunctional device, with an interesting design, will be perfect for shopping malls, supermarkets, train stations, universities and airports. Due to numerous anti-covid elements, we submitted it to the National Reconstruction Plan project.

If you want to implement any of the solutions in your company, please contact us.