Shopping mall/office building parking system – 10 key facts

Shopping mall/office building parking system – 10 key facts
10 March 2021

Parking is an art – and we mean this both literally and figuratively. That is what makes it worth your while to leave it to professionals. In the age of suburbanisation and ubiquitous Park&Go systems, commuters are increasingly choosing public transit, and this is what makes the art of parking take on a whole new aspect. In order to reduce congestion in the streets and squares in city centres, the cities started implementing the so-called parking systems, which encompass outdoor, indoor, underground and multi- storey car parks in large office, retail and service buildings. Discover the top 10 facts about modern parking solutions and learn more about Dasoft service that responds to the needs of property managers – and more.

Smart parking navigation system – the key facts.

Fact #1: Finding a free parking spot is often a challenge for customers. Driving in circles in search of a spot causes congestion and micro-traffic jams. Dasoft introduces full video surveillance of parking lots, which lets customers check out the availability of free spots in advance – featuring cameras, information boards, red and green LEDs over all spots and a mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

Fact #2: Customers tend to lose their vehicles left in the car park. Thanks to the Find My Car app by Dasoft, you can forget about this ever being an issue – the app will point you in the right direction and display the shortest way to get to your vehicle.

Fact 3#: #3: Accidents happen – and some people forget to leave their contact information. The camera system enables zooming in and storing the video feed on servers,  which helps you find the person responsible for the incident and find out who was at fault when two or more cars crash in the car park.

Fact #4: When the car park is jam-packed, customers tend to drive in anyway, causing congestion and the risk of an accident. Dasoft's electronic signage system makes sure that no new cars enter the car park when it is full.

Fact #5: Parking tickets get lost and forgotten. With special information kiosks and a mobile application, this is no longer an issue – customers can pay for their parking even if they lose their ticket. Dasoft’s app also lets them check their current parking balance.

Fact #6: Incorrect parking happens – and quite often! Thanks to a very sensitive detection system, which can react in just two seconds, all anomalies and problems are immediately detected and reported to the system.

Fact #7: Searching for a spot takes time – and slows everyone else down. While looking for a spot, customers often make the traffic situation worse for everybody else. The smart system developed by Dasoft guides customers to free parking spots using sensors installed along the middle of the access roads.

Fact #8:  Customers love their premium cards and VIP status. With these customers in mind, Dasoft implemented a VIP status in its solution, which ensures priority and free parking, guides them to better spots, monitors their vehicles at all times – increasing the overall safety and security of the car park.

Fact #9: Air quality can be an issue in underground car parks. This used to be a serious issue in car parks, which did not monitor their traffic and admitted excessively polluting cars. Dasoft's systems ensure better capacity and traffic flow in indoor car parks, which significantly improves air quality.

Fact #10: Older parking monitoring systems were hardly scalable and could not be expanded. Dasoft offers a fully scalable system, which can be expanded with additional devices, signage and information kiosks, and the Find My Car application is developed and improved on a regular basis.

Key benefits – why invest in a smart parking system?

You can gain a lot by going with a smart parking system. Let us summarise the key facts concerning Dasoft parking system. By choosing Dasoft’s solution, the facility manager ensures:

  • less traffic in the car park;
  • better security of the car park and the entire facility;
  • counting and locating free spots, with guidance to free zones;
  • ability to control the flow of vehicles;
  • finding customers’ cars based on their license plate numbers;
  • a way to pay for a parking ticket even if it is lost;
  • notifications about blacklisted vehicles and VIP guests;
  • improved traffic flow in the car park;
  • surveillance of selected parking spots;
  • better air quality inside the car park, especially in underground car parks;
  • reducing the likelihood of collisions.

Smart systems are a must for today’s car parks – and the systems developed and implemented by Dasoft set the bar for future parking logistics management solutions.