Our advanced system works as a web application, providing information about where and how often customers walk in a given area.

All authorized users have access to the data.

Intelligent counting of the people flow will be perfect for the retail and office industries, as well as in shopping malls and other places where such data is necessary for more efficient work. This personalized analytical tool is constantly being improved in terms of algorithms. Thanks to our experience, we are able to create and add new unique functions while maintaining an extremely high efficiency of analytical reading.

Thanks to the latest achievements of artificial intelligence, the software has been expanded with various functions:
The application recognizes objects shown on the vision device using neural networks and other artificial intelligence algorithms based on machine learning.
The system detects people by age or gender, and enables the detection of characteristic features such as tables, chairs, employees' clothes.
Thanks to remote access, the client can view everything in real time. The application has a wide range of statistical and reporting possibilities.
You can count customers’ entry and exit, verify entrance to specific areas and regions, verify the amount and length of customer interactions with service. You can also check the crowded areas by creating a heat map.
The Customer Movement and Behaviour Analysis System is one of the most innovative products improving the quality of work it is a helpful tool not only during a pandemic.
See what the application looks like:
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