It is a very effective method of gaining the recipient's interest.

Dynamic content broadcasting is a rather new solution, thus allowing to achieve an effect of surprise. This brings the desired results, as what is surprising usually becomes memorable. Digital Signage can be perceived as a modern way of communicating with the Customer. It enables to broadcast a message according to specific parameters, such as the time or place of display. The messages can be of any kind, completely independent of each other. Digital Signage is a very interesting alternative to classic advertising media such as billboards, posters or information banners.

Characteristics of Digital Signage:

Remote management of the content displayed on the screens
Quick update of the displayed information – it takes just a moment to replace outdated content with new one in the network of monitors located in any number of locations
Animated and visually appealing information that catches the eye
The image on the screen can be freely divided into many independent zones
Each medium can display independent content, and e.g. at a given time present common material shared by all media in a given facility
Content changes are unlimited
Ability to plan a remote schedule of displayed content
Keeping statistics of viewed materials and, in the case of touch screens, also of clicked materials
Time and cost saving

Our Digital Signage system uses only proven and state of the art technologies – to this end we employ the highest quality LCD and LED monitors, touch screens and LED boards. Displaying any content on these screens is unlimited, it could be a weather forecast, top news of the day or the current exchange rate.

Why is it worth using the Digital Signage system?

The effectiveness
The effectiveness
of this form of communication is definitely much better than traditional advertising
A facility equipped
A facility equipped
with multimedia screens is associated with modernity, technological progress and prestige. Displaying ads on monitors is well received by Customers
The system is operated
The system is operated
remotely by one of our employees. A computer connected to the Internet is all you need to operate. The system can operate multiple screens at the same time
Rapid publication
Rapid publication
– ability to respond to unforeseen issues in real time
— the Digital Signage system can transmit any content at any time of the day and each screen can display different content
time and costs in the preparation of advertising materials and their distribution as compared to materials in traditional paper form

Managing content on video walls

Digital Signage is also used in modular video structures, the so-called video walls. The structure of such a big screen wall is adapted to the surrounding conditions. Their seamless design with no visible gaps enables to generate image of excellent quality.

Such a wall composed of several LCD screens can be used indoors and outdoors, providing a large space for displaying content.

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