Electronic price labels are a new solution that appeared in our market some time ago. They allow prices and information on them to be changed quickly and presented in a visually appealing way. In the technology they use, which is called electronic paper, energy is consumed only when data is updated. The unquestionable advantage of the displays is increased optimization while maintaining low costs and high convenience.

Standard version:

Elektroniczne etykiety cenowe - Wersja standard

Premium version:

Elektroniczne etykiety cenowe - Wersja premium

System functionalities and features:

Instantaneous data updates
Remote entry of new prices is possible using special and easy to use dedicated software. Corrections can also be made using a mobile scanner, which is integrated into the system. This functionality helps avoid possible customer complaints as to the correctness of the price and makes it possible to react to competitors’ prices.
Modern look
Store labels guarantee an innovative and professional image, which will definitely attract more customers.
Ability to change content colors
Planned price reductions and promotions can be highlighted with three display colors (black, white, and red).
Battery life
The life of the batteries contained in the PREMIUM labels is up to 10 years of continuous operation, assuming that they are updated 3 times a day. This is a definite advantage of our solution, as the battery life of competitors’ labels is 5 years.
Content management
Dedicated software makes it possible to manage the displayed information as required. It is possible to change not only individual store labels, but also entire shelves.
Variety of options
It is possible to customize the order by selecting the appropriate version of the label, taking into account the design and size that fits the store space.
The electronic paper technology saves human labor, paper, and printing costs. Keep in mind that store labels are changed very often.
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