Order collection system
Click & Collect:

A dedicated solution for retail chains and online stores. In the case of the former, in addition to collecting online orders, it can also be used in handling complaints. The unit has a built-in reader, so after scanning the claim number, the customer leaves the claimed products in the box.

Currently, most retail chains manage the entire process manually and store ordered goods in the back room and issue them to customers directly at the cash register. This puts an extra burden on the employees and results in queues of customers collecting their orders during periods of increased business activity. At peak times, this can result in a lack of point of sale throughput.

System odbioru zamówień Click & Collect

The principles of operation of the Click & Collect order collection system:

It works similarly to a parcel machine and enables optimization of the product collection process.

First of all, it eliminates the unproductive use of the customer's sales force by eliminating their involvement in the parcel collection process. What is more, it significantly shortens queues by reducing collection times to a minimum. In view of the current epidemiological situation in Poland, the electronic order collection SYSTEM is an Anti-Covid system, which increases the safety of the customer and the sales force by enabling contacts between employees and customers. The unit also provides the client with additional storage space at the back of the point of sale.
The system is very versatile and easy to integrate with the client’s systems and with a simple interface for ease of use. It comprises three main system components: a pick-up wall, order handling, and integration/installation/support.
The online order collection system is a modern and functional locker system. Its sturdy structure made of aluminum and high quality coated and painted sheet metal in deep matte colors attracts the attention of passers-by. The lockers are equipped with an electronically controlled locking mechanism of the highest quality integrated with software. The unit is manufactured entirely in Poland, individually for each project. It is resistant to UV radiation and corrosion.
Aluminum and stainless steel are materials that ensure the system's resistance even in the harshest weather conditions.
Due to our many years of experience in designing advanced structures with a control system, each new design is even more optimized and tailored to market expectations.
We customize design of locker systems with electrically operated lock systems according to the individual needs of each client. On special request, we also apply graphics and assemble vending modules and disinfecting (bactericidal) dispensers with liquid consumption monitoring and on-line reporting.
After determining the characteristics of the solution, we deliver a tailored system with a proposal for post-implementation care that meets the customer's expectations and is suitable for the location of the installation.
Obstacles and cumbersome infrastructure are no problem for us.
Click & Collect is a system with functionality similar to that of Inpost parcel machines, which can be installed without problems and adapted to the existing conditions. Parcel lockers can be prepared to be operated outdoors as well as indoors.
The units have already been deployed in well-known retail store chains.
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