Description of the system functionality:

System rezerwacji sal

Reservation information is automatically downloaded from the G-Suite, MS Exchange, IBM Notes, Oracle, Zimbra or Office365 calendar and users can use existing systems.
Reservations can also be made directly from the device's touch panel.
On the touch panel, the user can make a reservation and confirm the meeting attendance, no confirmation automatically cancels the reservation.
Extensive room booking system that allows the user to order catering or additional equipment.
The room occupancy status is indicated by the background colour and side illumination.
The system allows authorization with the use of Active Directory.
The system allows you to display multimedia you need (JPG, AVI, MP4, HTML5).
The user can change the layout of the interface and import his own logo.
The system allows for presentation of room booking collectively on large-format LCDs and integration with the client's internal systems, eg BMS, Fidelio.

The room booking system application enables:

Rooms searching based on time, place or room equipment
Making recurring booking, rooms connecting
Creating a meeting invitation (sent by email)
Connecting multiple systems simultaneously and working on them
Embedding the application in the Intranet
Different language translations
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